Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Snowshoe Hike

It is hard to imagine that the last Wisconsin Glacier molded much of the terrain or landscape of Lincoln County. As the glacier melted northward, hundreds of feet of boulders, sand and gravel were deposited forming the hummocky glacial features of the Underdown. Huge blocks of glacial ice were deposited and buried, later to melt forming the many kettle lakes. During the 10,000 years following the glacial “melt down” plants invaded the region. Bogs with their special plant flora are common place.

Tamarack and black spruce occupy the low lands while northern hardwoods have taken root on the ridges.

Once again, the Northwoods Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance will be offering the public a guided snowshoe hike in the Underdown area of the Lincoln County Forest on January 14, 2012 starting at 10:00 from the parking lot on Copper Lake Road. Come and enjoy the wonderful landscape created by the Great Wisconsin Glacier.

The snowshoe trail layout and design has been done by chapter member, Chris Schotz. The trail is well marked and packed. Hikers can choose between distances of one to four hours depending on your ability, experience and endurance. The trail is of moderate difficulty. Bring your snowshoes, drink and weather appropriate clothing.

Hot cider, hot chocolate, cookies and a blazing fire will a wait you after the hike. There is no charge for this event, offerings accepted.

For more information, contact Ruby Jaecks at 715-873-4906 or 715-443-3586 or

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